Managing Directors' Office

Managing Directors' Office

Designer: Zac Feltoon Design, LLC
Project Type: Commercial Interior Design
Location: Lower Manhattan| 200 Varick Street, New York, NY
Project Size: 5500 Square Feet
Scope: Interior Design, Furniture Design, Sourcing & Procurement, Project Management

Kivvit, a top national public affairs strategy firm, approached us to design their new headquarters in Lower Manhattan that would represent their brand as a sleek, thoughtful, and focused firm. After scoping out the project and understanding the nature of how the Kivvit teams are adept at transitioning between working independently and in groups, we agreed on an open plan that would take advantage of the natural height of their new office space, but maintain existing conference rooms and work rooms for private meetings, calls, and impromptu strategy sessions. As part of the design development, we made sure to take ownership of their newly minted master brand color, affectionately dubbed: Kivvit Gold.

Timing for this project was crucial. The conversation with Kivvit began in mid-August, 2015, with a proposed move-in date of October 5th that same year. We set an aggressive construction schedule of 3 weeks and worked closely with the GC and all necessary consultants on the planning stage for the project. This meant that as soon as the client approved our final design, all parties involved could immediately begin working. 


Assessment: The space was vast and devoid of character, but the light from the south-facing wall was an valuable asset.

Low walls in the existing space did little to break up the vastness of the open floor and 12' ceiling height. Meeting rooms along the East wall were in good shape, but there was no existing kitchen, and little in the way of warmth or life to the space. One major issue that we knew immediately had to be rectified was the proliferation of IT cabling that were strung haphazardly from the ceiling with little to no planning. 
There were however good things about the space. Light from the South window wall was strong throughout the work day, even with this office being on the second floor. It also quickly became apparent that we could take advantage of the high ceilings to re-route and clean up the IT cables while maintaining the industrial look and feel of the exposed piping. 

Floor Plan 

Objective: Develop a strong circulation plan and re-use or re-purpose existing walls and doors where possible. 

Kivvit Floor Plan | *Click to see  full image

We went through many iterations of the layout for the space, making sure that with such a paired down construction timeframe, and a tight construction budget, that we would maximize effort by re-purposing existing architectural hardware such as the glass sliding doors, ceiling-mounted IT wire routing baskets, and limiting the amount of floor-channeling to the essential locations of the two East-side conference rooms.

It was paramount that the open plan met the needs of everyone in the space. To achieve this we created a narrative for the way someone enters through the front door, and is drawn into the main circulation corridor. They are then guided past the large team area (Associates' & Designers') straight onward to the main conference room, or they can turn right and choose to take a seat in the living room area. In this way, the area containing the most sensitive data, the Managing Directors' shared office, is preserved for guests that are invited back. 


Objective: Given the abridged design timeframe, as construction advanced, we worked closely with the construction team to integrate and maintain design intent. 

Custom Furniture Design

Objective: Design furniture solutions for the Kivvit office space that support team engagement, and support the highest expectations for the space.

Client Reaction

Typically the process of moving an office and creating a beautiful new space out of somewhere dark, dim, and frankly obnoxious is anxiety provoking. But working with Zac made everything pretty much painless. He kept us on track and crafted magnificent ideas for furniture and fixtures in the process.
— Geoffery Mullings, Financial & Administrative Coordinator, Kivvit

Completed Interior

Project Resources

Designer: Zac Feltoon Design, LLC
          Interior Design, Furniture Design, Project Management
          Team: Zac Feltoon, Principal-In-Charge; Isabell Jansen
Registered Architect: Alan J. Feltoon AIA AICP
GC: Empire State Contracting
MEP Engineer: Walter T. Gorman, P.E., P.C.
Lighting Consultant & Supplier: DeltaLight
Furniture Fabrication: Good For Us, Withers + Grain, NYCitySlab
Building Management: Newmark Grubb Knight Frank
Interior Photography: Raymond Adams